US Coalition targets Syrian Town with Banned White Phosphorus

The so-called “international coalition” continued assaults on the Syrian territories under the pretext of combating ISIS terrorists, bombing with Internationally banned white phosphorus weapons Hajin town in Deir-Ezzor in the southeastern countryside.

Local sources said that the US-led coalition launched assaults on several areas in Hajin town with internationally-banned white phosphorus bombs, and no casualties were reported.

Activists on social networking media websites circulated pictures of the “coalition’s” strikes on the aforementioned town using phosphorus bombs.

Russia called for investigations on the matter where Alexei Kondratyev, deputy chair of the Russian upper house’s defense committee, told reporters that if the United States used banned weapons, it must be held accountable.

“White phosphorus is prohibited by international law, especially in settlements where civilians may be affected. If these data is confirmed, the United States must be held accountable for this,” Kondratyev said.

He also stressed that the incident requires international investigation.

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