New delivery of S-300 missiles unloaded in Syria (VIDEO)

The second shipment of S-300 missiles arrived in Syria in implementation of a decision taken by Russia to supply the Syrian Army with the advanced air defense system.

Footage released by Zvezda shows the S-300 missile system being unloaded at the coastal airbase of Hmeimim.

The new shipment also includes equipment for the radar, vehicles and launchers.

The first S-300 delivery was made on October 3.

According to MURASELON, Russia has sent one battery of S-300PMU2 which includes four launch systems, two of which has been unloaded so far.

The newly-arrived air defense system is expected to be deployed in the central and southern regions of Syria in order to cover almost the entire Syrian airspace; particularly the areas targeted by Israeli airstrikes before.

The image below shows the capabilities of S-300 missiles to protect the Syrian airspace once deployed near the capital.

The advanced system can cover the entire Syrian coast, southern Lebanon and north of occupied Palestine.

وسائل الحرب الإلكترونية

The S-300 missiles are 150-250 km range and are capable of shooting down 24 aircrafts at the same time in addition to 16 ballistic missiles.

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According to Zvezda channel – which is affiliated with the Russian Defense Ministry – a US reconnaissance plane was spotted hovering over Hmeimim airbase following the delivery of S-300 missiles.

“The US, Israel and their allies in the region have to get used to the new facts from now on”, the channel added.

Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoygu, told President Vladimir Putin that the delivery of S-300 missile system to Syria – along with 49 pieces for radars, vehicles and launchers – was concluded.

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Shoygu added that Russia will train Syrian officers to operate the missiles withing 3 months.

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