Notorious children murderer captured by Syrian authorities in Aleppo [video]

The Syrian security forces managed on Wednesday to capture the most wanted murderer who slaughtered many children in Aleppo city recently.

According to local media, “after publishing a photo of the criminal, the security forces were capable to identify him setting up an ambush near Al-Fardous roundabout that led arrest him.”

Police patrols in the Jamiliya district of Aleppo ambushed him, where he threw a grenade on the elements of the patrol, fortunately it didn’t explode, and then ran away.

The security forces were able to identify the criminal, who called “Ahmed Maznara”,from the city of Idlib 1971, they also found explosives, various weapons and forged funds after raiding his home.

During the previous days, the murderer committed two consecutive crimes in the Saif al-Dawlah district of Aleppo governorate, causing panic among the citizens, especially that the victims were children.

According to preliminary investigations, one child was stabbed and killed on the roof of one of the buildings and another child was slaughtered.

Worth mentioning that the residents of Aleppo in most of them calling the security forces to hang the criminal up publicity in of the city’s squares.


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