How will Russia ‘blind’ the Israeli warplanes in Syria?

Following the tragic downing of IL-20 plane off the Syrian coast on September 18 (where Israeli warplanes were held responsible for), Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergey Shoygu, said that Russian forces in Syria will implement electromagnetic jamming for satellite navigation, air-borne radars and communication systems on aircrafts.

The jamming will cover the Syrian coast and nearby regions over the Mediterranean, and will mainly target the Israeli warplanes

A Russian expert told a local newspaper that electronic warfare operated by the Russian forces in Syria was mainly involved in collecting intelligence. However, after September 18, things have changed with the ‘active mode’ is activated.

“From the very moment an enemy fighter jet takes off, it is labeled as a target and assigned a number by the automatic control system. If the jet is thought to have unfriendly purposes, we initiate the electronic jamming which will disable the communication, navigation and GPS systems, as well as the ability to control and transfer data. In in a nutshell, the enemy plane will be gradually blinded”, the expert explained.

“Moreover, the enemy plane shall be notified that it is being tracked. Thus, the only guarantee for it to return safe to its base is giving up the mission. Otherwise, the plane will face an electronic disaster”, he added.

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“After sending repeated warnings, if the pilot decided to enter the danger zone, all control systems of the plane will be completely disabled. And if the pilot insisted on carrying out a hostile action, then firing a missile might be a plausible option”, he concluded.