Israel didn’t forgive Kremlin for delivering S-300 to Syria, inciting USA to retaliate

“Israel didn’t forgive the Russian Kremlin for delivering the S-300 air-defense missiles to Syria, and its inciting the United states to retaliate” Zawar Karayev wrote in “Svobudnaya Prisa” about US selling its latest air technology to Israel.

In the article, “Benjamin Netanyahu and his group in the Israeli leadership are still unable to confirm what they want to do with Syria. It is clear that they do not want to engage in a conflict with Russia, but diplomatic talent, it turns out, is insufficient to thwart the “irrational Kremlin plan” to supply the ‘Syrian regime’ with the S300 system.

Recently, Netanyahu visited the United States, met Donald Trump. He confirmed that he had discussed the downed Russian plane incident with the Trump, then added “I got what I asked.”

Tel Aviv, despite its reliance on Washington, did not allow the Americans to intervene seriously in its relations with Russia.

In this regard, the newspaper met the Turkish expert Karam Yildirim, said:

Now, Netanyahu is demanding protection from Trump, and he is willing to sacrifice even his friendship with Putin. While he is still talking about a mutual understanding with Moscow to defuse tensions, the United States is likely to put the next option: either them or Russia. Thus, what binds Tel Aviv, now, is not the Russian S-300, but the whims of American and military officials.

What would all of these end up ?

“Any future cooperation between Americans and Israelis will take place under the motto of ‘confronting Iran.’ But the interests of Damascus, Russia and even Turkey may be seriously affected. For those parties, the West of Syria is a region that unites them all. For them, stability is now more important than many other issues.”

Yildirim concerned that the United States could exploit it, on pretext of helping Israel. For example, they can force Turkey and Russia to diverge. To do this, they have enough opportunities. The possibility of provocation exists. Idlib is the most appropriate region to implement such plans. If Russia and Turkey are suspended here, the United States will score two targets in one shot. First, Ankara will be preoccupied with the Kurdish problem; secondly, Russia will not have enough resources to confront Israel.” Zawar Karayev wrote in his article.

Translated from “Svobudnaya Prisa” by Muraselon.

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