Breaking: HTS officially rejects Idlib agreement, vows to fight

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham known as HTS published a statement today officially rejecting Idlib agreement that was signed between Russia and Turkey.

In the statement which was published across the social media, HTS stated that they will not hand in any of their heavy weapons adding that their weapons is a red-line for them and there is no negotiation regarding their red-line.

Idlib agreement was signed by Russia and Turkey at a meeting in Sochi on Sept 17

Russia and Turkey agreed to a diplomatic solution for Syria’s northern Idlib province at a meeting in Sochi on Sept. 17.

The deal sets up a demilitarized zone running 15-20 kilometers (9-13 miles) deep into rebel territory that must be evacuated of all heavy weapons and all jihadist groups by Monday, Oct. 15.

The deadline for Jihadists to retreat from the demilitarized zone ends by tomorrow.

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