Syrian Army shoot down hostile drone in southern Idlib [VIDEO]

The elite Syrian troops of the Tiger Forces managed to shoot down a militant combat drone, Monday that was roaming on the administrative boundaries of southern Idlib with Hama provinces.

The media team of the battle-hardened troops released a short video footage on social media showing the downed drone that was covered by black color.

The downed drone contains different types of signaling devices installed on its back, according to the Tiger Forces video.

Worth-notable that no specific location of the downing operation was delivered from the source.

On September 17, Russia and Turkey agreed to create a demilitarized buffer zone in Syria’s Idlib province to separate the Syrian government forces from rebel groups based there.[0]=68.ARAtbB8aXjnTTBvlnVLnS1cZq05z2kQ7SxiS1-Nd0n8l_mLhnPbhY3Ah8EJnIArSyIchBnXldzbYQBZVsXwW_RaeA27m64X8ycqCrH90R92TbBjSRy4fQ24sVAtM8mfYuJZlX-7Eybp3-sIBpeqF-l7GBTgWgpPE20HUSatJgxv4Q_qogtFueMYAO7g9kGN7Kz7EiR9A6kbunBNAJeObKqKBLOzfLrk6BbT7vCQ&__tn__=-R


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