Al-Qunaitra border crossing to be reopen tomorrow – security source

Syrian security source confirmed that the opening of the Al-Qunaitra border crossing between Syria and the Occupied Golan Heights will take place officially on Monday.

“The opening of the Al-Qunaitra border crossing between Syria and the occupied Syrian Golan will officially take place tomorrow,” adding that “the official opening is being attended by official, military and religious figures also the Syrian flag will be hoisted at the crossing.” security source said.

“The UNDOF Force will deploy on the cease-fire Bravo line and will hold a military parade at the motor vehicle during the opening ceremony,” the source said.

On 26 July, the Syrian army regained control of the Qunaitra crossing as a result of a reconciliation agreement with the rebel groups.

Earlier this month, Russia announced that the Qunitra border crossing with Israel was ready to open from the Syrian side, while Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said earlier that Israel was ready to open the Quneitra crossing between Syria and the Golan Heights.

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