Sophisticated air-defense system will be established all over Syria: Russian expert

“Sophisticated air-defense system would be equivalent to that of the Soviet Union, the best air defense system in the world will be established in Syria.” This was announced by the consultant of the Russian company that produces electronic radio technologies.

“Recently, new systems have been brought into Syria to promote the use of Russian electronic jamming devices or electronic warfare means,” said Vladimir Mekhiev, an adviser to the Electronic Technologies Company.

For example, the new systems can eliminate short-wave communications, which deprive Syria’s violators of the ability to control their offensive means in the air, on land and at sea.” the Russian adviser said.

“The new devices can disable any reconnaissance aircraft trying to spy on Syria and neutralize what the aircraft might carry, especially guided bombs and “smart” missiles,” as pointed out by the consultant of the Russian company that manufactures the means of electronic warfare.

In fact, Syria will operate an air defense system similar to that of the Soviet Union and considered the best system of its kind in the world.”

The system included radars that monitor any altitude, anti-aircraft missiles close and far-reaching, and the means to protect them.

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