US Blocking Syrian Refugees’ Return to Army-Held Regions

The US-led coalition forces stationed in Syria’s al-Tanf region are preventing the refugees at al-Rukban camp from returning to the army-held areas, dissident-affiliated news websites said Wednesday.

The Arabic-language Smart News website affiliated to the militants quoted Spokesman of Ahmad al-Abdou terrorist group Saeed Saif as saying on Wednesday that the US forces detained a delegation of al-Rukban elderly people who wanted to negotiate with the Syrian army, near the al-Tanf military base at the Syria-Jordan borders.

He added that the delegation planned to hold talks with Damascus officials to pave the ground for the return of al-Rukban settlers to the army-liberated regions, warning that the conditions of the refugees at the camp are critical.

Saif underlined that the refugees testify that they have never seen any serious move against the terrorists by the US troops in al-Tanf region in the past 3 years.

He added that Washington is highly critical of any kind of talks between the refugees and the Syrian government and watches every move made by them.

The al-Rukban refugee camp is located in the Homs province some 11 miles (18 kilometers) South of the al-Tanf settlement and inside the US-controlled zone on the Syrian-Jordanian border.

Syrian refugees living in the al-Rukban camp at the Jordan-Syria border had also in December appealed to Russian and Syrian authorities for help due to the extremely difficult humanitarian situation caused by the actions of the US military, a well-informed source said.


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