Popular Uprising against US-Backed Militias Reported Again in Northeastern Syria

Hundreds of civilians poured into the streets in Hasaka city on Friday to protest at the captur of the city residents by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Hundreds of civilians took to Saba’a Baharat square in Central Hasaka, demonstrating against the SDF’s capture of the people in the Northeastern city.

Field sources, meantime, said that the protestors declared support for the Syrian Army’s campaign on terrorists, calling for the release of the civilians arrested by Security Forces of Asayesh.

The sources went on to say that the SDF’s arrest operation is aimed at blackmailing people, adding that Asayesh had called for a sum of $10,000 from family members in the town of Qamishli to let detainees free.

In the meantime, the SDF arrested a number of villagers after unknown raiders attacked their commanders in the village of Mojeiraba in Eastern Hasaka.

Local sources said on Tuesday that the SDF arrested almost two hundred young people in different regions in Raqqa under its forced recruitment plan that has been in practice for the last several months.

The sources further said that the SDF attested over 110 teachers in the town of Ra’as al-Ein and its outskirts, al-Shadadi, al-Ariyeh and al-Houl regions and sent them to their bases.

They added that a large number of teachers have left their job for fear of being recruited forcefully.


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