Major US-Backed faction to leave Al-Tanaf base toward northern Syria

A US-backed rebel group has reached an agreement with the Russian Reconciliation Center to leave the Al-Tanaf base in southeastern Homs towards northern Syria.

The Russian news agency of Sputnik reported that the Russian and American sides are negotiating – for several days – on withdrawal of US troops from the Al-Tanf area as a first step for full withdrawal from Syria.

The UK-Based observatory reported that 5000 militants from “The Quraytayn Martyrs Brigade” will be deported from Al-Tanaf through the government-held areas to northern Aleppo, where Turkey dominates most of the territories.

The agreement including also the evacuation of displaced who stuck in Al-Rukban refugees camp near Syrian-Jordanian borders.

The sources indicated that the date of implementation of the agreement will be in the upcoming few days.

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