Turkish Army Sends More Troops to Borders with Syria Ahead of Idlib Battle

The Turkish Army has dispatched more convoys of troops and military equipment to the borders with Syria as Damascus troops are standing orders to start a major assault on Idlib, a Turkish media reported on Wednesday.

The Turkish media reported that Ankara has dispatched a long convoy of advanced tanks and a large number of military trucks to the Kelis region in Southern Turkey near the border with Syria.

They said that the Turkish army’s military convoy comprising 25 military and armored vehicles is now in al-Bayli city along the Turkey-Syria border.

Meantime, a Turkish military convoy carrying tanks was sent to the city of Hatay near the border with Syria.

The Turkish army also dispatched a military convoy carrying fortified concrete walls and military equipment to the areas under the control of the Turkish army in Morek city in Northern Hama.

The news comes as the Syrian army is preparing for a heavy battle in Idlib and has been dispatching massive military equipment and hardware to the battlefields in Northern Hama, Southern Idlib and Northern Lattakia all throughout the last several weeks.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, long convoys of the Turkish Army vehicles arrived in militant-held regions in Eastern Idlib and Northern Hama as the Syrian Army put forces on alert for an imminent large-scale operation in Northwestern Syria.

The Turkish army convoy, including 30 military vehicles and tens of fresh solders entered Idlib and moved towards points that are under occupation of the Turkish troops in the town of Morek in Northern Hama.

Another military convoy of the Turkish army entered Syria via Kafr Lusin border-crossing and deployed in the Turkish truce-monitoring point in al-Sarman in Eastern Idlib.

In the meantime, the Syrian Army continued dispatching fresh soldiers and more equipment for an imminent operation in the Northwestern part of the country.

Kurdish-language Hawar News quoted field sources in Aleppo province as reporting on Saturday that the Turkish army dispatched a sum of 500 Ankara-backed militants to the Bab al-Hawa border-crossing between the town of Reihanly in Hatay province and al-Artab region in Aleppo.

It further said that a fresh wave of tensions and defections covered the terrorist front over participation in the upcoming final battle with the Syrian army as a part of the Ankara-backed militants intend to surrender and some others are fleeing the region.

Hawar news went on to say that a number of terrorists of the Ankara-backed al-Shamiyeh Front sold their weapons and fled to Turkey.


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