Three Katyusha Rockets Fired at Basra Airport in Iraq – Reports

According to the AP, citing a Basra airport official, no casualties or damages were reported as a result of the incident, with flights proceeding according to schedule. No organization claimed responsibility for the incident.

An Iraqi airport representative said that the attackers launched three Katyusha rockets at the facility on Saturday, adding that it was unclear who stood behind the strike.

The incident occurred amid violent mass protests in the city over a lack of basic services and corruption, with demonstrators storming and torching presidential palaces, attacking the Iranian consulate and offices of pro-Iranian political parties. According to Iraqi Health Ministry spokesman Seif Badr, at least 12 people were killed and 50 injured during the clashes.

The Iraqi government is set to hold an extraordinary session on September 8 to address the situation in Basra.

The recent protests were triggered by the hospitalization of 30,000 people after allegedly drinking polluted water. Earlier in June, problems with the water supply in Basra were among the reasons that led to the similair mass demonstrations in the city.


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