Syrian President Assad Says Il-20 Crash ‘Result of Israeli Arrogance’ – Reports

Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad has sent a letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin, expressing his condolences over the recent Russian Il-20 plane crash in Syria, local media reported.

Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad wrote in his letter to Vladimir Putin that the Russian Il-20 plane crash near Hmeymim air base was a result of Israeli arrogance, SANA news agency reported.

Syrian president expressed his condolences over the tragedy and said that he hoped that the plane crash would not impede Russian and Syrian joint fight against terrorism.

“I express my sincere condolences on behalf of the Syrian people in connection with the crash of the Russian Il-20 military aircraft in the Mediterranean Sea, which led to the death of Russian military heroes who performed the valiant task of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the fight against terrorism in Syria,” Assad said in a telegram to Putin as quoted by SANA.

“This sad incident is the result of the arrogance and reckless violence of Israel, which constantly uses the dirtiest methods to achieve its sinister goals and to carry out aggression in the region,” Assad stressed.

The Russian Hmeymim airbase in Syria had lost contact with the Il-20 military aircraft late on Monday during the attack of Israeli F-16 aircraft on Syrian targets in the province of Latakia. The Russian Defense Ministry said later that the Israeli military deliberately created a dangerous situation by using the Russian aircraft as a shield against Syrian air defense systems.


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