Syrian FM: We will liberate Idlib either by peace or war

The Syrian FM Walid al-Moallem said that the Russian operation changed the entire situation in Syria, pointing out that his country prefers a peaceful solution to the Syrian file, adding that the militants in Idlib came through Turkey “and naturally return from the same road.”

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said on Sunday that Turkey could solve the problem of “Al-Nusra Front” terrorists withdrawal from Idlib quickly.

“Those who came to Idlib, came through Turkey, Turks know how the militants got there and where they came from, and it would be natural for them to return to their country,” Moallem said during an interview on RT TV.

De Mistura is not neutral

The Syrian foreign minister revealed that the behavior of the United Nations special envoy to Syria, Stephane de Mistura, is not neutral with regard to the establishment of the constitutional committee.

We call on the refugees to return, Russia changed the situation in Syria

The Syrian foreign minister called on the Syrian refugees to return home, to participate in the reconstruction, rejecting the Syrians’ fear of returning from the fact that their lives and property would be in danger. “We welcome and call on every refugee to return to his homeland, and we wish him a dignified life to participate in the reconstruction of their country.”

On the Russian operation to combat terrorism in Syria, the Syrian Minister of Diplomacy announced that “this Russian operation changed the situation in Syria, and Damascus still prefer a peaceful solution to the Syrian file.”

America complicates the situation and not the Kurds

“The Syrian people are refusing to secede and the Syrian state must stand firmly against this,” he said during a meeting on Russian RT television in response to a question about the possibility of a secession in Syria. The US presence is illegal and complicates the situation in east of the Euphrates, and the big powers always exploit the Kurds and then throw them ”

“When the talks started, the United States increased its military supplies to the Kurds, sent the trucks, then the negotiations stalled,” he said.

US Supports ISIS

As for the relationship between the United States and the terrorist organization of “Daash”, the Syrian FM revealed that Washington is attracting remnants of “Daash” and rehabilitating the militants at Al-Tanaf base to fight our forces.

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