“Thank You Mother Russia” Israelis thank Russia for delivering S-300 missiles to Syria

In an article he published on Haaretz daily, Israeli journalist and author Gideon Levy delivered an unexpected response to supplying Syria with the Russian S-300 missiles , outlining the relations between the three counties involved (Russia, Syria and Israel), and analyzing the procedures taken by Russia after downing the IL-20 plane.

Levy believes that Israel must be thankful for Russia’s response since it is high time for Israel to acknowledge the ‘red lines’ it should not trespass.

“Neither Israel’s own resources, nor the US support will help in case such red lines are trespassed”, he wrote.

According to Levy, Israel needs such constraints. During the recent years, the ‘arrogance’ and current geopolitical situation pushed the state into an uncontrollable situation. Israeli jets roamed the Lebanese airspace as if it was its own, bombed Syria, destroyed Gaza Strip periodically while keeping it under a constant blockade, not to mention the occupation of West Bank.

“Suddenly, someone rose up and shouted “enough is enough”, at least in Syria. Thank you Mother Russia for subduing a child no one has subdued for a long time”, Levy wrote in his controversial article.

“Russia’s response has paralyzed the Jewish state and showed the need for a responsible figure to curb the country. In fact, Israel hasn’t confronted such a ‘ bizarre phenomenon’ for decades”, he added.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Levy cited former and current Israeli officials who threatened to destroy the S-300 missiles through airstrikes, noting that those voices who bragged about such attacks have been muted.

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Levy openly stated that every country – including Syria – has the right to have air defense systems, and they should not be deprived from such an opportunity by any other state.

Earlier, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavror said that his country has already begun delivering the S-3oo missile system to Syria.

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On September 24, Vladimir Putin told Assad in a phone call about implementing new procedures to protect the Russian servicemen in Syria, and boosting Syria’s air defense capabilities.