WATCH: Close Russian airstrike devastates HTS location in southern Idlib

Pro opposition media published a video footage emerges a close Russian airstrike conducted earlier today on Kafr-Zeita town which located near the administrative borders of southern Idlib.

The video shows moment of a Russian jet dropping a vertical bomb over a suspected Al-Nusra Front base in northern Hama countryside.

At the meantime, the Syrian and Russian air-power are intensifying their air-campaign, pummeling the jihadist rebels positions in preparation for ground offensive across northern Hama, northern Lattakia and Idlib province.

In a related context, The militants of Jeish al-Izzah targeted civilian neighborhoods in Mahradeh city in Northern Hama from al-Latamanieh with Turkey-made cluster bombs, killing and injuring at least 39 civilians, including a number of women and children, local sources said.

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