Russia Registered Rocket Launches From French Frigate in Mediterranean

Russian airspace control means registered missile launches from French frigate in Mediterranean late on Monday, Russian military reported.


Russian defence ministry said that Russian airspace controls means have detected several missile launches from French frigate in Mediterranean late on Monday.

Syrian media reported a missile attack on the coastal city of Latakia Monday evening. Some missiles hit parts of the city, according to local media, many of them were reportedly downed by Syrian air defense systems.

Russian defence ministry also saidthat an Il-20 aircraft with 14 people on board disappeared from the radars of aviation control during an attack of four Israeli F-16 aircraft on Syrian targets in the province of Latakia.

Earlier in the day, Russia and Turkeyreached an agreement over a partial demilitarization of the Idlib province, which is the last remaining stronghold of anti-government insurgency and al-Qaeda-linked terror groups in Syria.

On Monday evening, local media reported a missile attack by an unknown force on Syria’s coastal city of Latakia. A source told Sputnik that there were drones and missiles involved. Another source from Syrian military said that the missile attack on Latakia was made from the sea.

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