Lavrov: We will continue to support Syria in combating terrorism

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reiterated that his country will continue to provide support to Syria to combat terrorism and to reach a political solution to the crisis in it based on the Security Council’s resolution no. 2254.

In a speech at the International Relations Institute in Moscow on Monday, Lavrov underlined the necessity of eliminating terrorism in Idleb city, saying “It is impossible to allow the status quo to remain as it is today.”

He indicated that terrorist groups positioned in Idleb continually violate the cessation of hostilities agreement and they continue their provocations against the Syrian Arab Army.

Lavrov added that these terrorist groups use Idleb as a basis for preparing terrorist attacks and to launch drones towards the Russian Air Base in Hmeimim in Lattakia countryside.

He said that Russia cooperates with the Syrian state in the reconstruction and it will continue to provide aid to achieve the recovery of economy and infrastructure.

Lavrov asserted that Russia is cooperating closely with its allies across the world to achieve security and stability and to solve the international crises on the basis of dialogue in a way that would guarantee the interests of all the parties.


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