Jobar’s top militant leader who evacuated to Idlib killed by Syrian Army artillery

Opposition media declared on Thursday that the prominent rebel commander of “Abu Omar Al-Dimashqi” – who was evacuated from eastern Damascus – has been killed in Idlib front-lines.

Abu Omar – who was famous in saying “The regime is over” – appeared in several videos vowing to conquer the presidential palace, threatening the Syrian soldiers with inevitable death, if they advanced deep inside the rebel stronghold of Jobar in east Damascus.

However, the entire neighborhood was taken by government troops later following a Russian-mediate reconciliation deal reached with the opposition leaders in eastern Ghouta.

In the following video that uploaded few hours prior to rebels evacuation from Jobar, Al-Demashqi said “The regime is lost, Assad has been over, I swear to god that Damascus is belong to us, and we will get back to it”

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