Jabri Ansari: Iran rejects pretexts used by West to achieve its goals in Syria

Senior Assistant to Iranian Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Hussein Jabri Ansari stressed that his country rejects all pretexts used by the West, such as the use of chemical weapons, to achieve their failed goals in Syria.

Jabri Ansari said that, Iran as a major victim of the chemical weapons rejects the use of these weapons in all conflicts and it strongly rejects the pretexts used by some Western states to justify their exploitation of this issue to achieve their goals in Syria.

Meeting British Special Envoy Martin Longden in Tehran, Jabri Ansari noted that the immediate ending of the crisis in Syria according to the inter-Syrian dialogue is one of the priorities of Iran’s policy.

“Iran has always called for the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and for laying the basis of confidence between the government and the opposition, and it announced its readiness to cooperate with different countries to solve the two crises in Syria and Yemen as soon as possible,” he said.


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