Russian MoD shows trajectory of downed Il-20 off Syrian coast , Map

Russian Ministry of Defense released today a detailed map showing the trajectory of the Il-20 plane, as well as those of the four Israeli fighter jets which attacked the Syrian coastal cities last night.


According to the map, the Israeli jets got closer to the Il 20 trajectory where they fired several missiles toward the Syrian territories.


“The Syrian air defense systems tracked the projectile of an Israeli F-16, but wrongfully mistook the Il20 as its target. The surface-to-air missile then hit our plane”, the Russian MoD stated.


“The Israeli pilot took cover of the Il-20, make it vulnerable to the Syrian missiles”, the MoD statement added.


Earlier, the Russian MoD confirmed that the Il-20 was downed by an S-200 anti-aircraft missile. Russian held Israel fully responsible for the incident.


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