How many S-300 battalions Russia will send to Syria?

The Russian daily “Kommersant” said Moscow would send about four battalions of S-300 air defense to Syria within two weeks, according to an informed source.

According to Kommersant, The S-300 air defense missile system would cover facilities on the Syrian coast and monitor the Syrian border with Israel as well as with Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon.

The source explained that the number of battalions of the S-300 missile system, which will be sent to Syria could rise to 6 or 8 battalions, depending on developments and conditions as needed.

The move has raised Israel’s concerns, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying that the delivery of S-300 air defense systems to Syria would endanger the security of the region.

Furthermore, The Russian military has established a no-fly zone over the Latakia province of western Syria, Russian Senator and former Air Force commander Viktor Bondarev stated on Monday.

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