Report: Ankara Orders Terrorists to Close Only Idlib-Aleppo Humanitarian Corridor

The Ankara-backed terrorists closed the only humanitarian corridor connecting Idlib to Aleppo as the Syrian army is preparing for its imminent military operations in Idlib province, media reports said.

“The terrorists supported by Turkey have shut down the only corridor that links Idlib province to the areas under the control of the Syrian in Northern Aleppo,” the Arabic-language Al-Watan newspaper reported.

It noted that the Syrian army has ordered all local councils supported by Ankara in the towns and villages North of Aleppo that are in contact with the areas under the Syrian army’s control to prevent the flow of civilians from Idlib to these regions.

Meantime, a local council in the town of Ma’areh which is backed by the Turkish government has issued orders to prevent the flow of civilians to the areas under the Syrian army’s control in Tal Ra’afat which has borders with Ma’areh while other roads linking Idlib to Aleppo have also been closed by the same local council.

Al-Watan said that the new measure by Turkey is aimed at pressuring Damascus and Moscow to delay or call off the military operations by the Syrian army to liberate Idlib.

Meantime, the Syrian army is preparing for massive military operations and is dispatching military equipment and troops to the borders with Idlib.

In a relevant development on Saturday, the army forwarded a large number of forces and military hardware, including armored vehicles and heavy weapons, to contact lines with the terrorists in Northern and Northeastern Aleppo in the last few days.

A field source reported, meantime, that over five thousand army men and a huge amount of arms and ammunition have been deployed in a large region from al-Shahba dam to contact lines with terrorist-held Afrin, Um Hawsh, Tal Rifat, Habal, Ein Daqna, Minq and its airport, Deir Jamal, Nubl and al-Zahra and other regions in Northeastern Aleppo.

The source further said that deployment of more army forces and equipment is mainly aimed at countering possible attacks of the terrorists and also preparing for a large-scale cleansing operation to purge the region from the remaining pockets of the terrorists.

The source went on to say that fourteen civilians, including children and women, were killed or wounded in the terrorists’ mortar attack on al-Lairamoun region North of Aleppo.


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