Zaspikin: Providing help in solving refugees issue is a natural step by Russia

Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zaspikin stressed that his country seeks in the current stage to provide help in the issue of the return of Syrian refugees who have been forced by terrorism to leave their homeland.

In a TV interview on Sunday night, Zaspikin said that the natural steps taken by Russia regarding the crisis in Syria are represented in moving from the stage of military participation to the stage of reconstruction and the return of Syrian refugees to their homes.

He warned that the Americans are trying to hinder this file in order to exert pressure on the Syrian Government which wants the return of all the displaced Syrians.

He indicated that the cooperation between Syria and Lebanon and the help provided by Russia will facilitate the process of solving the issue of refugees.

He affirmed the possibility of achieving the return of refugees as there are many safe places in Syria which have been liberated from terrorism.


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