Arab Parties Conference condemns US threats to launch new aggression on Syria

Secretary General of Arab Parties Conference Qassem Saleh condemned the US, British and French threats to launch a new aggression on Syria.

In a statement on Sunday, Saleh called upon the international community to stand in face of the farcical drama which the US and its allies are trying to create in Syria in support of terrorists.

“The US administration and its British and French allies have escalated threats to launch an aggression against Syria, and they depended on preemptive accusations on the possibility of using chemical weapons paving the way for terrorist organizations to fabricate scenarios similar to what took place in Khan Sheikhoun, Aleppo and Ghouta before liberating them from terrorism, “Saleh said.

He added “Today the US and its allies are repeating these fabrications before the decisive battle which the Syrian Arab Army and its allies are getting ready to launch against terrorists in Idleb and in the countryside of Hama and Lattakia.”


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