Syrian authorities set up camp for displaced Idlib residents near Damascus

Syria’s authorities are preparing a camp in the community of Hirjilla in the Damascus suburb for displaced residents from the Idlib Governorate, which is still controlled by the militants, the camp’s head, Abdurrahman Habib, told reporters.

“The camp is being repaired to receive refugees from Idlib. The camp can host 5,000 people, but it had to receive up to 20,000 people, so it needs renovation,” Habib said.

He added that the camp is currently empty. “It was established in 2014 to support refugees from neighboring regions. We received here people from Deir ez-Zor, Daraa and other governorates. In 2015, refugees from Eastern Ghouta lived there, but now they returned home, because the province had been liberated from terrorists,” the head noted.

Habib said that Russia is actively supporting the camp. “The Russian side took part in the camp’s life through regular deliveries of humanitarian supplies, mattresses, warm blankets and other necessities,” he explained.

The temporary shelter

The camp is located on the territory of a former sports complex, where displaced residents will be housed in 724 dwellings. Each of them has a room, a kitchen and sanitary facilities.

The camp looks more like a small town with all the necessary infrastructure. It has a warehouse with products and hygiene items, as well as a school with equipped school rooms and a medical station with drugs and equipment.

“Here we treat those who fell ill. There are few serious disorders: these are mainly flu, cold and foodborne diseases. We’ve got all the necessary medication, and in case of a serious illness we may send a patient to a hospital in Damascus,” said Alyam Hamad, a camp doctor and member of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.


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