Syria participates in Int’l Military Games Diving Competitions held in Tehran

The diving competitions of the International Military Games 2018 kicked off in Tehran with Syria’s participation.

The third round of deep-sea diving competitions is being held within the fourth edition of the International Military Games in Iran’s northern port city of Noshahr for the first time with the participation of teams from Syria, Iran, Russia, South Africa and Venezuela.

The teams will be competing at the games in seven fields, including maritime obstacle course, underwater welding, rescuing sunken submarines and ships, rescue operations in enclosed spaces, and rescuing injured divers.

The International Military Games will be held this year in 28 sports categories in seven countries simultaneously, including Russia, Iran, China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Armenia.

Earlier this week, the Syrian army tank crew won the second place in the “Tank Biathlon” competition held in the Russian capital of Moscow.


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