State Dept: New Global Terror Group Could Emerge in Iraq Due to Lack of Reforms

A new prominent global terrorist organization like the Daesh could emerge in Iraq if the country does not implement social and political reforms, State Department Senior Adviser Douglas Padgett said during a panel discussion with the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC on Friday.

“We’ve certainly beaten them [the Islamic State] back and defeated them militarily, but again the political conditions, social conditions, the cultural conditions, the lack of reconciliation, the lack of accountability — criminal accountability is an extraordinarily important issue but criminal accountability alone does not give us communities that can live with one another,” Padgett said. “This is an issue that has to be dealt with as well. ISIS[Daesh] may be gone, but something like ISIS[Daesh] can come back.”

Padgett also emphasized that while progress has been made in eliminating the Daesh from Iraq, the terror organization remains active globally.

Since early July, Iraq has witnessed a series of mass protests in several cities, with demonstrators denouncing corruption, unemployment and disruptions in electricity and water supplies.

According to local authorities, some cells of the Daesh organization remain active in Iraq, despite the fact the country’s leaders declared the end of the war against Daesh in December.


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