Russia Warns West Against New Reckless Moves in Syria

Moscow has heard the recent statements made by US Security Adviser John Bolton on Syria and is warning the West against new reckless moves toward the Middle Eastern country, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told Sputnik.

“We can hear ultimatums voiced by Washington, including public statements. This does not affect our commitment to fully eliminate terror cells in Syria and return this country to normal life … We warn the United States and its allies against new reckless moves,” Ryabkov said.

Moscow will continue to support Damascus in its efforts to stabilize the situation in Syria, including in the return of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), the diplomat emphasized.

“The fact that the western states do not want to participate in [these efforts] once again proves that they have other goals [which are] to further destabilize Syria, not shunning any tools and continue seeking new pretexts for raising the issue of regime change, the transfer of power in Damascus.

There is nothing new about this … We are ready for such developments, we expose their intentions. But the US [authorities] do not seem to learn from history, including recent history, because we can currently see the escalation of the situation [in Syria],” Ryabkov noted.

The diplomat suggested that at present, “the scenario of a gross provocation and subsequent strikes [on Syria] was very likely.”

Threats and ultimatums are the only languages spoken by the United States, Ryabkov stressed.

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