Largest Russian drills to be held in the Mediterranean Sea

Up to 25  Russians warships and 30 aircrafts will involve in drill in the Mediterranean Sea on September 1-8, the Russian Ministry of Defense said.

“In accordance with the training plan of the Russian Armed Forces, large-scale drills of the grouping of forces (troops) of the Russian Navy and the Aerospace Force will be conducted on September 1-8, 2018 in the Mediterranean Sea under the direction of Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Vladimir Korolyov”, the ministry announced

“In the international airspace, training tasks will be practiced by about 30 aircraft, including the strategic Tu-160 missile-carrying bombers, the Tu-142MK and Il-38 anti-submarine warfare planes, Su-33 fighter jets and Su-30SM aircraft of naval aviation”, the ministry added.

This comes as the government of President Bashar Assad is winning the war against terror groups countryside.

Huge military buildup are currently waiting the ‘zero hour’ to launch a full-scale offensive aimed at restoring control over the jihadi-held Idlib province.

The long-awaited assault will be vehemently backed up by the Russian Air Force.

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