VIDEO: Tiger Forces large ever military convoy heading to north Hama for wide-scale offensive.

The mother of all battles, as we can all call it, the long-awaited campaign of the government troops during the Syrian war is being prepared toward the northern Syrian corner of hama province.


Idlib which is controlled by array of multiple rival rebel factions including the terror organization of Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) with small dominant of the Islamic state (ISIS) across the last anti-Assad province.


Large military column of the Tiger forces was spotted moving on the international highway of Damascus-Homs, includes heavy armoured vehicles, tanks, MRLs and artillery.


The final destination of the convoy would be North of Hama, where the Syrian Army established big military zone with air-defenses all around in North of Hama.


Muraselon got an exclusive material showing dozens of tank-carrier trucks on it’s way to North of Hama.

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