Army continues to advance in Sweida Badyiah, establishes control over new areas and strategic hills

Army units continued to advance in the depth of Sweida Badyiah (desert), establishing control over new areas and strategic hills in it.

SANA war correspondent said that army units and allied forces liberated on Saturday Tal Alam deep into Sweida eastern desert after heavy clashes with Daesh terrorists in which their last fortifications in the area were destroyed.

The correspondent said that the army units are advancing towards Toloul al-Safa, al-Hbeirieh and Bir al-Shiekh Hussein in the area amid bombardment against Daesh hideouts and fortifications which inflicted heavy losses on them.

Earlier in the day, the correspondent said that army units, in cooperation with the allied forces, carried out new operations to liberate the depth of Sweida Badyiah from Daesh (ISIS) terrorists as they reached the administrative borders with Damascus province at some axes of the operations.

He added that the operations resulted in liberating al-Zalf Dam and Ard al-Kira’a, and army units continued to advance backed by the allied forces towards al-Safa hills, Alam hill, al-Hibiryia and Bir al-Sheikh Hussein in parallel with shelling positions and fortifications of Daesh terrorists.

Heavy losses were inflicted upon Daesh terrorists in the personnel and equipment, according to the correspondent.

The correspondent added that the engineering units continued to comb the roads and the liberated areas and to dismantle the explosive devices and the car bombs left behind by Daesh terrorists to hinder the advancement of the army.


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