Al-Jaafari: Syrian state supports return of all displaced Syrians to their homeland

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari on Sunday stressed that the Syrian state supports the return of all the displaced Syrians to their homeland, villages, cities and homes.

Al-Jaafari’s remarks came in a press conference on the sidelines of a lecture delivered at the 30th International Book Fair under the title “The UN and the Syrian Crisis .”

Al-Jaafari noted that the return of the displaced Syrians is not only related to the Syrian Government, but it is related to many states which imposed on the Syrian people what is called “unilateral coercive economic measures” which are not based on a resolution by the International Security Council.

He indicated that in case these measures are lifted, this will alleviate the pressure on the economic and social levels in Syria.

Answering a question on the latest developments of the Chinese role, al-Jaafari said that China has an effective and key role not only in solving the crisis in Syria, but also as permanent state at the Security Council as it constitutes a significant part of the mechanism of decision making at it.

He added that China is a principled ally and its diplomacy works according to certain principles and this is unique in the world nowadays.

In his lecture, Al-Jaafari talked about the establishment of the UN and Syria’s role in its establishment, and its effect on the crisis in Syria.

He also talked about using the veto at the Security Council throughout history as the US used it firstly against Syria in Feb. 1946.

Al-Jaafari indicated that during the years of the crisis, Russia used the veto against Western and Arab draft resolutions against Syria for eight times and China used the veto for four times.

He added that the Security Council hasn’t adopted any presidential statement regarding the crisis in Syria and it has failed in adopting press statements due to the Western objections on their content such as the draft resolution which condemns targeting the Russian Embassy in Damascus with shells by the terrorists.

He stressed that 800 letters documenting what has taken place in Syria have been sent to the Security Council and to the member states on behalf of the Syrian Arab Republic Government.

Dr. al-Jaafari also talked about using chemical weapons as an additional tool to put pressure on the Syrian state and to internationalize the crisis in it.

He concluded his lecture by affirming that Syria, despite of the terrorism and the international front which supports it, has triumphed in the face of an unprecedented international alliance.


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