Al-Jaafari: Governments of some permanent members of the UNSC are misusing statement of Guterres on Idleb

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that the United States, France and Britain, which are permanent members of the UN Security Council, are misusing the international organization and threatening international peace and security instead of maintaining them under the UN Charter.

Speaking during a press conference at UN Headquarters in New York, al-Jaafari said the governments of these countries and their media outlets, which broadcast hatred and false information misused the statement made by the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Idleb.

Al-Jaafari stressed that the Syrian government and its allies are the only party to implement Security Council resolutions on combating international terrorism, pointing out that the Syrian Arab Army, in cooperation with the allies, is the only party which is fighting against terrorism, adding that US, France and Britain do not play any role in this regard. On the contrary, the United States has repeatedly rescued the terrorist organizations in Raqqa and transported them to an area on the Syrian-Iraqi border to prevent any military cooperation Between the Syrian and Iraqi armies to fight the terrorists in this region.

Al-Jaafari pointed out to several procedures taken by the Syrian government to facilitate the return of the Syrians displaced due to terrorism, especially setting up a committee for the return of displaced Syrians abroad.

He clarified that unilateral coercive economic measures imposed by some states against the Syrian people are impeding the return of the displaced and preventing the completion of the reconstruction process by the Syrian government, pointing out that some are investing the issue of the displaced Syrians for political ends and some dissuade them from returning their home.

Al-Jaafari said that the Syrian army had made a decisive decision to liberate every inch of the Syrian soil from terrorism, stressing that Idleb, which has tens of thousands of foreign terrorists, must return to the Syrian people.


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