Pictures: Syrian Army seizes NATO-belonging armoured vehicle from Daraa militants

While marching on last rebel-held areas in southern Syria, the government forces managed to capture a NATO-belonging armoured vehicle from Daraa militants today.


The pictures which were released on social media, feature the “OT-64C” APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) vehicle that operating in the militaries of NATO states.

The “OT-64C” APC vehicles enter Syria illegally from Bulgaria that considered as the most active country in equipping the opposition factions.

Some of the pictures shows moment of delivering a number of vehicles to the 17 infantry division of the opposition factions, in pervious time.


Also, the official Syrian agency of SANA published several photographs emerge some of the captured APC armored vehicles in Daraa province.

Worthy to mention that the Syrian military launched it’s large-scale campaign in the 22th of June in Daraa province, after the militants’ rejection of the political proposal and reconcile with government.

Source: muraselon


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