BREAKING MAP: Syrian Army few kilometers from the Jordan border, liberates new town in Daraa

As the negotiations between the Russian Reconciliation Center and the armed groups failed to reach an agreement in southern Syria, the Syrian army continues the military operation, making new progress in Daraa, approaching the Jordan border.

Military sources told Muraselon that the combat troop were able to take back the town of “Saida” along with the Air-defense battalion; that located to the south of it, following heavy clashes.

Meanwhile, The engineering units are combing the village and clearing the mines, explosives planted by the town’s militants prior to their escape, in preparation for rehabilitation it later.

Following this advancement, the government is now 6 kilometers away from the key border crossing of Nasib in southern Daraa.

Moreover, The Russian Reconciliation Center said in a statement on Thursday that more than 5,000 people had left the de-escalation areas through the humanitarian corridor.

“Within a week , more than 35,000 people had left to the government-held areas.” The Russian Reconciliation Center added.

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