Second batch of Kefraya and al-Fouaa locals arrive in Lattakia city

Second batch of Kefraya and al-Fouaa locals, including 600 persons coming from Jibrin temporary housing center in Aleppo arrived in Lattakia city on Saturday to a warm popular welcome at the entrance to the Grand Prophet’s compound.

SANA reporter said that hundreds of Lattakia locals gathered before the Grand Prophet’s compound, welcoming 120 families from of Kefraya and al-Fouaa who have endured a three-year siege by terrorists.

Head of the Grand Prophet’s compound, Sheikh Ayman Zaitoun said that 13 buses carrying about 120 families of the second batch arrived in Lattakia, pointing out that they will be provided with the adequate housing in Squbin, Ras al-Bassit and Slenfeh as all the basic services , including health and education will be meet for them.

Speaking to SANA, a number of Kefraya and al-Fouaa evacuated persons affirmed that they will return back soon to their hometown to help liberate, alongside of the Syrian army, their town and every inch of the Syria’s soil from terrorism.


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