SDF agree to hand over many areas in northern Syria to the government.

The Syrian Democratic Forces “SDF” and Damascus have agreed on a roadmap for negotiations after their first official meeting in the Syrian capital on Friday.


“This meeting led to the adoption of decision to form committees at various levels to develop dialogue and negotiations, ensure the end of violence and the conflict that endangers the Syrian people and society, and to chart a roadmap towards a decentralized, democratic Syria,” the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) announced in a brief statement Saturday morning.


According to media sources, negotiations were held between SDF and Damascus, in which Kurds participated close to the Syrian government. The results were positive, resulting in the initial acceptance of SDF to hand over the city of Al-Raqqa, large neighborhoods of Al-Hasakah, and its security branches to the Syrian authorities.


Salih Muslim, who heads up foreign relations in the SDF, clarified that the talks with Damascus are very much in the preliminary stages.


The sources said that the Executive Council of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” informed Damascus that the United States intends to withdraw its troops and military bases from the Syrian territory and they will arrange the process of withdrawal with the Russian party in the coming period.