In motion: Israeli military evacuates 800 Syrian White Helmets members from south Syria

Members of a Western-backed “aid group” of the White Helmets accused of working with extremist militants and staging false flag gas attacks in Syria have been evacuated to an Israeli military base.

Night video footage released by Israeli sources emerges the evacuation operation of 800 members belong to the White Helmets organization, from the southern provinces of Al-Qunaitra and Daraa.

The Israeli military said the “civilians” were being taken out of Syria “due to an immediate threat to their lives,” and because Israel wanted to make “an exceptional humanitarian gesture.”

The evacuees were transported on Sunday to Jordan, from where they are expected to be resettled in Europe and Canada in the coming weeks.

The Israeli operation was carried out at the request of a number of countries including the UK, the British foreign secretary, and the international development secretary.

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