Photos: Syrian military restores it’s captured tanks from Daraa militants.

With their substantial goal is getting achieved rapidly, the Syrian troops managed to uncover massive amount of weapons including captured tanks belong to the regular Army.



The ANNA News outlet has published several photographs emerge large quantity of weapons, tanks, US-made Tow rockets and mortar launchpads.


Meanwhile, the Russian reconciliation center keep on with the peaceful process across many villages and towns in Daraa province, as recently a reconciliation deal was concluded in Busra Al-Sham in eastern Daraa.

With reaching the Nasib crossing, the entire eastern countryside of Daraa province is completely under government control.

Worthy to mention that the Syrian military launched it’s large-scale campaign in the 22th of June in Daraa province, managed to take back the strategic Nasib border crossing.

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Source: muraselon + ANNA NEWS


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