After clearing it of terrorism, al-Rafeed town celebrates victory

Syrian army units continue fighting in the northwestern countryside of Daraa and the southwestern countryside of Quneitra and retake control over tens of towns, villages, farms and hills, the last of which is al-Rafeed town, near the barbed-wire fence hundreds of meters to the east of Tel al-Faras.

The town’s inhabitants, who stood steadfast against the Israeli authorities over the past years, are now welcoming the Syrian army units and celebrating victory over terrorist groups affiliated to Daesh (ISIS) organization.

Normal life is gradually returning in the town as the Syrian army continues its achievements and liberate more areas such as Saida town towards al-Yarmouk Basin in the far southwestern countryside of Daraa.

A secondary school student said that the town has received hundreds of displaced families who fled the heinous crimes and atrocities of Daesh terrorists in their villages.

Competent authorities in al-Rafeed town started to settle the legal status of those who have gone AWOL in order to restore life and security.

Some of people who have their legal status settled told SANA reporter that the armed terrorist groups attempted to put pressure on them and forced them to fight against their homeland.

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