BREAKING: Yemeni ballistic missile struck major Saudi Air force base

The rocket force of the Houthis – on Thursday – bombed the headquarters of the Saudi Air Force in Asir with a ballistic missile.
Military source for “Al-Masriet Net” said that “The ballistic missile of “Badr 1” managed to hit the target at high accuracy.”
On the other hand, Saudi state media declared that the Saudi air-defenses were able to intercept a hostile Yemeni missile in west of the kingdom.
Also – Yesterday – The Yemeni military targeted “Al-Faysal military zone” in Jizan area with another ballistic missile, Houthi media reported.
Furthermore, The Houthi sniper units killed more than 450 Saudi soldiers on several front-lines across the raging Yemen territories during last May, according to statistic posted by “Al-Masriet Net”.
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