Trump Eyes Deal With Putin on US Pullout from Syria – Reports

US President Donald Trump hopes to clinch a deal with Russian leader Vladimir Putin that will allow US military withdrawal from Syria, media reported.
The two leaders plan to hold a summit in Finland’s Helsinki on July 16 to discuss US-Russia relationship and pressing international issues, including Syria and Ukraine.
Sources told the CNN broadcaster Trump believed he could reach an agreement with Putin to create an exclusion zone in Syria’s southwest that would allow US troops to “get out ASAP.”
The plan is to stop fighting in the area where an offensive is underway by government troops to oust militants, and prevent Iran from getting a foothold, according to the outlet.
Trump revealed in April that the United States would soon withdraw from Syria, although there was no confirmation from his administration or the Pentagon.
The president said, however, he would discuss this plan with coalitions’ allies and countries of the region. The issue was reportedly raised at his Thursday meeting with Jordanian King Abdullah II.

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