Map update: Syrian troops in Al-Badiyah fully secure the border with Iraq

The Syrian government troops continue its mop-up operations in the Syrian Al-Badiyah, cleansing the last Islamic State (ISIS) hideouts in the areas linking eastern Homs to western Deir Ezzor province.
Propelled by the air-forces, the ground troops were capable to reach the borders with Iraq, imposing control over large swath of territories mostly (uninhabited areas).
Military source said on Wednesday that “Units of our armed forces continued their combat operations against ISIS terrorists in the Syrian desert east of Palmyra in the area between the Aweirid dam and the south of Hamaima along a 45-km-wide and 60-km-wide front, liberating dozens of key areas”
An area of ​​2500 / Km 2 from Humaimah to the Syrian-Iraqi border have been completely secured and cleansed after neutralizing a number of terrorists” The military source added.
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