Russian military personnel distribute aid in Eastern Ghouta

Russian military personnel have distributed 7,500 tonnes of food and hygiene products in Kafr Batna, Eastern Ghouta, the Russian center for the reconciliation of conflicting parties has said.
This is a second time relief aid has been brought there. The local people have special cards to get it.
“There is a team of volunteers helping us to distribute the aid. As soon as we learned aid was coming we promptly drew up lists, gathered information about the most needy families and invited them here today,” the municipality’s chief Tofik Bakhaj told the media.
Kafr Batna was regained from militants nearly three months ago.
“We used to live under the pall of fear. The militants threatened us with weapons and made us work for them. Now the legal authorities are back, with the Russian army’s support. We feel secure,” local resident Ibrahim Hassan Najar told the media.
About 500 families are getting aid. We will summarize the results, if need be, and will provide more assistance in cooperation with the administration of the city and the province,” the reconciliation center’s official Timur Khakimov said.
Medical assistance
Russian medics have opened a temporary center servicing 70 to 80 people a day.
As the chief of the reconciliation center’s medical branch, Vladimir Tyutyunnikov, said, patients’ complaints vary. Infectious and respiratory diseases are most frequent.
“Some people have war injuries. You know what kind of area we are in now. We provide all kinds of assistance we can,” he concluded.

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