Religious posters in Afrin call women to wear Niqab causes wide controversy

Religious posters and streets ads in Afrin urge women to wear the full Niqab “face veil” have caused a wide controversy on many social media outlets.
According to media sources, one of the posters calls for women to be bound in loose, non-transparent clothes, published as a poster on a street in Afrin.

My daughter is still young, a phrase that killed our chastity and the love of modesty in our daughters
a street poster says, (calling young girls to hurry up in wearing Al-Niqab).

Some opposition activists insist that these images are not even in Afrin. However, as confirmed by researcher ‘Elisabeth Tsurkov’ – who was informed by Kurdish and Arab sources – that one of the images in “Afrin” was removed by locals, and the other pictures were removed by the Turkish-backed police, following protest by locals.

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