'Peaceful Blasts' Rock Southern Damascus as Forces Eradicate Weapons

Loud explosions rattled the south of Damascus on June 2; however, the explosions were not conducted by terrorists, but were done by Syrian security forces.
A source in the Syrian security forces told Sputnik that an operation was being conducted in Darayya, south of Damascus, to destroy terrorist bombs found in the liberated suburbs of the capital.
In a similar situation, residents of the southern areas of Kafar Sousah and Al Mezzeh heard numerous explosions on May 18.
A Syrian security official told Sputnik that in one of the tunnels in Darayya, the forces found bombs, mines and suicide belts that had been abandoned by the terrorists. Syrian forces gathered all the munitions and blew it up.
The source added that similar operations are being conducted in all areas near the capital that have been liberated by the Syrian army. This is done in order to exclude the possibility of the weapons falling into the hands of sleeper cells or secret agents, the source said.
Meanwhile, Syrian government forces have unearthed yet another large tunnel and an extensive cache of weapons as they continue to sweep the recently liberated areas in southern Damascus.
The discovery was made as government troops went through the townships of Yelda, Babila and Beit Sahem, which were freed during a major offensive operation in May.
The forces collected a large amount of explosives and munitions during the sweep, including bombs, shells, hand grenades, RPG rounds, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and components of explosive belts used by suicide bombers.