Map update: Syrian Army in control of new areas in Northeast Daraa.

The government troops backed by the Airforces, continue achieving their mission objectives in Daraa province, liberating new 2 villages in Al-Lijat rocky plateau.
“Jadal and Hawsh hamadah” were completely secured by the Syrian troops following heavy clashes with militants groups, on Sunday afternoon.
In total, the government forces are imposing full control over 9 villages since the beginning of their Wide-scale operation in Al-Lijat area.
Meanwhile, the opposition militants keep bombing the government-held districts inside Daraa city as local media reported that several civilians got injured.
Furthermore, field sources confirmed to Muraselon the remarkable cooperation between the tribes of Daraa – who live in the rebel-held areas – and the units of the Syrian army, by providing many intelligence related to the militants movement and headquarters.

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